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Construction Time Lapse

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A marketing tool with a return on investment

Back in May last year I was contacted by the Marketing Coordinator from Apollo Construction who had an idea to timelapse the construction process of the new ‘temporary’ Christchurch Central Police Station. Initially he wanted a single point-of-view timelapse from an adjacent building to form a video of the process. I offered some suggestions about how to go about it, and how, with a single point of view, some of the finer detail of the process would be lost in the timescale of the project.

The building project was unique for a number of reasons – the shear size of it; the amount of concrete required to bring the earth up to an acceptable standard; and the speed at which the construction would take place. The building technology is all lightweight and rapidly assembled, and the majority of the construction would take place over a 4 month period.

After a bit consulting and creating a strategy for both shooting the video and reaping a return on investment from the video, I set about starting to gather the footage. Over 6 months I visited the site many times, especially during key events like concrete pours, steel framing being assembled and fitted, roofing runs and during the interior fitout.

Nearly a year later, this is the result – a 3 minute video documenting the process behind building a state-of-the-art facility, rather quickly!

The power of syndication

At the start of the project I offered some advice on how they could create a return on investment with the video – its common online to see good video-content go to waste, with few views and even fewer channels for people to find it. Its even more common to find bad content!

I suggested that we make a video that could be syndicated organically through social media, but more specifically as content for a press release when the building was officially opened. As it transpired, the strategy worked perfectly – on opening day the media were invited, and left with links to the content to republish online – some of the time-lapse footage even made it to the 6pm news on both TV1 and TV3, reaching a far bigger audience than anticipated. The online version was linked to from most major news organisations and the views on YouTube are climbing strongly.

Bottom line – Creating content with a publishing strategy is the best way to ensure a return on investment – All up, great publicity for Apollo Projects and the NZ Police.